Affiliate Membership of the ECLCM Campaign is open to anyone: Membership Form

The Every Child Leaving Care Matters Campaign has its roots firmly embedded in a sense of outrage at the discrimination against and inequality for Care Leavers from Residential Children’s Homes.

The original Campaign Group was formed in December 2013 we have made a few changes which are reflected elsewhere on this site. We have also developed the Campaign into a number of additional directions one of which is to expand the membership of the Campaign.

At times those who appear to oppose our wishes have suggested that we have, as it were no ‘constituency’ and speak for no-one but ourselves. In evidential terms they have a point albeit we regard that as insulting to the thousands of supporters who have signed the petition which has, until recently, been our most tangible tactic and indeed will remain open for the foreseeable future.

In an attempt to address some of these critics and to demonstrate our willingness, indeed enthusiasm, to widen our campaign we would like to create an identifiable number of people who are prepared to sign up as ‘members’ of the campaign. You may already be aware that all we have achieved thus far and anything we can achieve in the future is entirely dependent on voluntary effort by the aforementioned campaigners. WE aspire to producing a newsletter/bulletin form time to time that we will share with members offering information on campaign news, progress and events. Our infrastructure is limited by our ability to work in our ‘spare’ time and at our own expense – but don’t worry we are not looking for money.

What we would ask is that you sign up as a member of the campaign. Some questions:

Q. Do you need any particular qualifications to be a member?

A.. Yes, you have to care about looked after children.

Q. Do you need to be a looked after child or a formerly looked after child??

A. No, but if you are and are willing to say so the so much the better

Q. Is membership exclusively open to UK citizens?

A. No but if, as many of our supporters are, you live outside of the UK you will become an associate member. (If we eventually find senior politicians who are willing to engage with us they may seek to know what proportion of our membership are UK electors)

Q. What do you need to do to become a member?

Complete the Membership Form here.

If you would be willing like to become a member we would ask that you do all you can to support our proposal which you will find on our home page. This might, for example mean that you encourage friends/colleagues/family members to sign up as members. It may be that you are a member of a group, association or other for of collective– if so please put the proposal to a vote in your group and send the results to our Membership Secretary.


A number of people have asked us about establishing a fund to support out campaign. Frankly we have no capacity to accept donations at this stage although we very much appreciate the kind offers. To do so we would need additional knowledge and expertise to ensure that any such funds were properly accounted for and managed. This may be something for the future but we cannot accept any financial support at this point in time. If you wish you can indicate on the form that you or your organisation would like to be asked about offering financial support to the campaign at a future date.

We must say that this whole campaign thus far has been run on trust. As previously stated we have no staff or resources and as such we are not in a position to offer the standard guarantees about the security of information that you give us. You have only our word that it will only be used with your permission for us to demonstrate the level of support for and membership of our campaign

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