Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Pivot Care Talk About Why They Support ECLCM

"How many people in any kind of home do you know that leave at 18 never to return? How many don’t need or want the support of the people in their life who have cared for them, know their inner most secrets, wishes and dreams? How many don’t need that support?

That’s why Pivot Care Ltd support the every child leaving care matters campaign.  It  is a moral commitment we should have to people who can often be the most vulnerable. Their vulnerability is often born from the actions of others, however their desire to succeed burns as bright as anyone’s.  But the support IS needed and often isn’t there because of financial constraints.

Several of our staff have worked together previously and shared a vision and belief that need differs for many but often the long term aims are the same for all, success, happiness, acceptance, belonging and happy memories. We see this vision, ethos and belief come to life when the young people are supported for as long as possible.

It is our aim to enable children to go on to lead a happy life with a family that they can enjoy and be part of confidently. The confidence will come though experience and support.

To build happy memories and allowing a childhood that nurtures and develops a person, who can confidently handle the future and become successful, resilient and most importantly happy with themselves, does not stop in late teens. It is about helping and guiding someone to become an adult who has resilience, strength of character and direction. How many people have that at 18?

This can all be done with need rather than budget being the focus. Care, love and support is needed to help all people grow and by offering physical, emotional and financial support in these areas will reduce cost in others areas such as crime, health, rehabilitation, counselling, missed education, social work time etc.

It is about daring to be different and realising that people need support at different times no matter where they sleep. The ages between 18 - 21 are key times that if not supported and nurtured, can impact on the lives of not just individuals but communities and generations.

Let’s start to think and act differently using our gut instincts of moral and community obligation.

Let’s take the hard data often used to ostracise the people who need support the most, to make a REAL difference and a lasting impact on happiness and life opportunities for all.

If the funding is given to all until the age of 21, we can dare to imagine what can be done to enable all young people in care to move closer to their dreams. By building on some of the quality work that is already been delivered across the country by many professionals and volunteers #EVERYCHILD"

Pivot Care
8th January 2014

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