Friday, 22 August 2014

ECLCM Westminster Meeting

Every Child Leaving Care Matters (ECLCM) have organised a meeting at Westminster, 
Thursday, September 11th 1.00pm-3.00pm.

Places have to be booked in advance via the booking form here
Priority is given to care leavers and ECLCM Members - you can join ECLCM here

The agenda is below:

Agenda ECLCM Westminster

11th September 2014

The Wilson Room

1300    Arrive
1305    Welcome and ECLCM presentation    Ed Nixon
1325    Craig Whittaker MP
1335    Who, Where, When and How? – finding common ground to achieve equality for  Residential Care Leavers - Open Debate
1430    A call for volunteers to offer practical support for the campaign
1440    A.O.B.
1450    The ECLCM Proposal (Circulated in advance with invites)
1455    Closing Remarks
1500    Finish


  1. Danielle Mclaughlin20 August 2014 at 04:07

    be a fantastic opportunity to gather new idea's and support. learn how we can all support each other in this campaign for equality !!

  2. If only I'd known I could go to university as a kid in care, I might've got my degree so much earlier; as it is I'm studying for it now, at 40 years old. Better late than never. As well as being a care leaver myself, I've also worked in local authorities recruiting foster carers, and working with placements duty officers in preparing contractual paperwork for external residential placements. Most semi independent providers strike me as extraordinarily expensive borstal-type establishments (some as high as £4,500 per week). Are we really saying that without state intervention and support that these children could only survive if their parents earned £234,000 per year? It is madness, an insane situation where the market is dictating pricing, and it must be brought under control urgently. Expect me to be vocal if I am offered an invite to this event.